Magdalena Lucia Ramberti

My SCA Resume

Magdalena's Arms and Honors

 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti

(mag-Duh-lay-nah      Loo-chi-ah           Ram-burr-tea)

registered in March of 2009

Device and Badge


Per bend sinister counter-ermine and ermine, a compass rose Or and a pomegranate gules slipped and leaved vert

 (Fieldless) on a compass rose Or a pomegranate gules slipped and leaved vert

Registered June 2010


Cogito, Facio, Fio (Think it, do it, become it)

Ita erat quando hic adveni (it was that way when I got here)


Alternate Persona:

Anora Marchaunt

 Registered April 2004



Evan  (Barony- Persona Development- Caerthe) 3/29/14

Aspen (Barony- Service- Caerthe) 5/7/11

Flower (Outlands- GoA Arts) 8/6/08

Gilded Leaf of Caerthe (Barony-Arts- Caerthe) 9/1/07

Gentle Dragon  (Barony-courtesy- Dragonsspine) 1/31/04

Argent Hart (Outlands- AoA Arts) 11/22/03

Award of Arms (Outlands) 1/5/02


 Non Award prizes

Queen of missrule- Dragonsspine feast of fools 2004

Deerbourne mayham award- Readstan Mountain Mayham 2010


Offices  Held

Caerthe Baronial Scribe (Oct. 13-present) 

Northern Scribal Deputy (Aug 08-July 11)

Caerthe Arts and Sciences Minister (March 08-Jan 10)

Chatelaine of Dragonsspine (Feb 04- Dec 04)



Lady in waiting- Caerthe (July 01-I can't remember)

Lady in waiting- Dragonsspine (Feb 04- Dec 04)


Household Affiliations

Wondering Dragon


Apprenticed to Mistress Suzanne de la Ferte of Calontir




Featured on SCA Today

Featured in the Denver Post

published A Guide for Silent Heralds  feautured by the Midrealm heralds

Featured twice in the Italian Showcase at the Realm of Venus

Finished Dragonsspine's The Quest: Illuminating the Dream June 08 (My quest blog)

Autocrat of the black hart ball 2009, co-autocrat 2010 

3rd place in the Italian Renaissance Costume                 Challenge sponsored by Realm of Venus 2011

  2nd  place in the Italian Renaissance Costume Challenge sponsored by Realm of Venus 2012



Classes Taught

Silent Heraldry 101- Sign language interp for SCA events

Sex, Lies, and Videotape- Watch Dangerous Beauty and discover what hollywood got right as well as wrong

Ask a Courtesan- Ask a honest Courtesan your questions! No topic off limits (taught in Persona- this was featured at Casa Bardicci at Pennsic!)

Everything you wanted to know about Courtesans but were afraid to ask- Find out the truth about the courtesans of Venice

Here is your Sign: ASL in SCA courts- intro to silent heralds and the Deaf in the SCA 

Bar and Ivy Scrolls- Learn how to do these simple yet lovely gothic style

begining bobbin lace


surface beadwork embroidery

Court dancing

And much,much more

Your Wardrobe Unlock'd: the costume maker's companion