Magdalena Lucia Ramberti

About Me

La Signora Onorata* Magdalena Lucia Ramberti was born Oct 16 1551 to Helena and Nicolo da Canal. The 3rd surviving child of 5 pregnancies. Her mother, a retired courtesan saved her money to have a good dowry so she could marry a upper middle class gentleman who was rising among the doge's household. Her mother decided upon the name Magdalena in honor of St. Mary Magdalen patron saint of fallen women. Her two older brothers Domenico and Luca grew up to serve the mother church. Domenico become an honored solider in the church's army and Lucca became a priest and traveled to raise money for the church's coffer's.

At age twelve Magda's father left on a trade ship never to return, less then a year later her mother discovered he had done so to escape his gambling debts. With her son's gone Helena had to turn to the one trade she knew. She began teaching her daughter what it took to become a courtesan and Magda flourished at her lessons.

When Magda reached fifteen Helena caught a fever and passed away. Her mother's good friend Meliore took Magda in and finished her training. Meliore became like a mother to Magda introducing her to all the right people and reminding her to not fritter away her hard earned money. She also encouraged Magda to use the name of one of her clients instead of the common Da Canal so she could move in higher circles.

Magda now lives in a lovely Casetta (small house) purchased by one of her Patrons. it faces Rio d. Verona and Backs onto Calle Madona. One side of the casetta overlooks Rio di San Luca. It is a perfect location close to three large Churches and far enough away from the grand Canal that her clients might come to her salon's without the distasteful looks of their wives.


*La Signora Onorata  translates to the Honourable Lady Those who have recieved a Grant of Arms or an award that carries a grant may style themselves 'The Honourable Lord' or 'The Honourable Lady' and may be addressed as 'Your Ladyship' or 'Your Lordship'.


I am a part of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism ) and an Actress. I am not a modern courtesan or call girl. I offer no sexual services- No matter what you offer.

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